Torque Electrical

We understand that very often, the building market can be a messy, untrustworthy and abrupt environment. Some clients are left feeling less than satisfied or in some cases not realising how bad the services they received was. It has always been Torque's goal that professional and polite services should be in reach of everyone, rather than a game of chance. Our purpose was to change this from day one, and so we built our company via strong relationships with our clients based on trust: offering our clients only high quality tailored services at honest costs.

In our 10 years of service, we have invested heavily in the business, from hiring qualified staff, to its infrastructure and training, always having our client's best interests at the fore front. We train and develop our staff to become hard working individuals who are happy and proud to work with us and we develop their ambition of a long term career with Torque Electrical.